What Can I Do?

How you can make a difference in the public arena.

There are times when 'life' issues become prominent in the law, in politics or in government policy. If you are a LIFE supporter, in sympathy with our ethos or feel our work is important, then you can get involved with these issues in different ways:

  • writing letters to MPs
  • signing petitions or postcards
  • writing to the papers
  • posting comments in response to media articles/blogs

laptop and pen

Be aware of what is currently happening, listen to the news, read the papers.

Be ready to respond to requests for action and inform others, encouraging them to respond also.

Be preparedto discuss the issues - it's often the case that most people don't really know a lot about these things - but do it with sensitivity for these are difficult and sometimes painful matters and we are not there to judge but rather to understand.

You will find current issues highlighted in the NEWS section of this website.